What I Eat in a Day for a Healthy Gut & Butt 💩

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How do you know if you have healthy teeth?

Healthy gums should look pink and firm, not red and swollen. To keep gums healthy, practice good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash once or twice a day, see your dentist regularly, and avoid smoking or chewing tobacco.

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How to get rid of Man Boobs? Workout and Diet Tips.

Gynecomastia, also known as the Man Boobs is a common disorder of endocrine system in which there is non cancerous increase of male breast tissue. It is thought to be caused by an when the female sex hormone increases a little too much as compared to the it’s male counterpart, the androgen.

Man boobs are common in new born babies but it hardly stays for 2-3 weeks. Then, it is also common in older males due to natural decline in testosterone.
But, it is a major problem when it comes to adolescents. As many as 70% of them getting affected by it.

Poor nutrition, side effects from medicines and use of steroids may also lead to man boobs.

So in this video, I share with you 7 tips including the specific exercises that will help you get rid of the man boobs.

1. Lose weight

There are high chances that after you lose fat, you will get rid of man boobs also. So eat a healthy and balanced diet and workout regularly to lose weight. I had recently written a detailed answer on “how to lose weight” on a website called Quora. You may want to check it out.


Follow the tips mentioned in this write up and you will see your fat percentage dropping.

2. Cut down Alcohol

Alcohol intake produces a suppression of plasma testosterone.

3. Take no stress

I understand that this physical condition can be really embarrassing. However, it is not dangerous. Please do not feel stressed about it. Stress makes the cortisol level go up and testosterone level down making the condition even worse.

4. Eat healthy fats

A male should consume around 70 grams of healthy fats everyday. Healthy fats boost our testosterone levels. Nuts, seeds, fish are some of the great options. Well, I have talked about healthy fats in detail in my grocery shopping video. Check it out by clicking on this link.

5. Sleep well

Again, lack of sleep can decrease our testosterone levels. So make sure you take a sound sleep of 7-8 hours daily.

6. Leg workouts

Even a single leg workout session can improve the testosterone levels drastically. So, do not miss your leg workouts especially when you are dealing with man boobs.

7. Gyno workout

Some of the specific exercises which will help you get rid of extra chest fat are bench press, inclined dumbbell press, pull over and dumbbell fly. There are some great push up exercises which will help you lose the chest fat. One of the most effective are close grip push ups, inclined push ups, elevated hand push ups.
Checkout my chest workout at home video wherein I share with you 9 different types of push ups which hit almost all areas of the chest.

To add, one must avoid junk foods when suffering from this physical condition. However, if you are not able to control your cravings, checkout this video which may be very useful to you.

In 75% of the cases, man boobs disappear automatically within a span of 18-24 months. However, even after following these tips if you are not able to get rid of them, I would suggest you to consult a doctor.

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Simple booty workout, posing practice & healthy pizza!

Follow me on my journey to the ICN Stage in April! In this vlog I try posing practice for the first time, train my glutes and make healthy pizza!

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5 Tips For a Healthy New Year: How to Find a Healthier Lifestyle With Food and Exercise

This past year has been an incredible one. The coolest part? Exercise and foods do not feel like enemies or paradoxes anymore. They
are delights. Finding healthy weight loss has completely transformed my life, and I know that you too can turn your thoughts and feelings towards a healthier lifestyle. Now before you roll your eyes and lose faith, please just trust me on this. Watch the video to find out my 5 TIPS to do so and HOW everything changed (and yes, how I lost 50 pounds). I love you guys!

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My Winter Diet + Workout Plan For Weight Loss | Achieving My Health Goals

Today I am sharing my 2018 health goals! I will break down how I plan on achieving them so you can get motivated to het fit and healthy this year!
1. Lose Weight/ fat loss + Restore My Metabolism
2. Get stronger in crossfit + my endurance training
3. Mindfulness + Mediation + Yoga
This year I am focusing on balancing my hormones + getting my body back! This diet plan will still be based around macros and flexible dieting but I will be under the guidance of a new coach! Let me know if you like these videos and want to see how I meal plan for fat loss or my workout routine!

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