The Optimum Health Clinic as a treatment for M.E, Fibromyalgia and CFS

The Optimum Health Clinic as a treatment for M.E, Fibromyalgia and CFS

Sharing with you today another service that I used in the beginning of my journey with M.E. ‘The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC) is an award winning (CAM Magazine “Outstanding Practice Award”) integrative medicine clinic with a specialism in the diagnosis and treatment of ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia along with CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) based approaches for optimizing health, relaxation and generally well-being.’ They work with people from all over the world and offer an excellent telephone treatment plan that is beneficial and adaptable if you are house bound or struggling to get to one of their treatment centres. They also offer an amazing nutritional service that has opened the door to one of the most important aspects of my wellness journey. I can highly recommend this service and for anyone interested you can find more information on their website

I have kept the information of this service to a minimum as I felt that their service has too many different facets to discuss in one video. If you have any questions about this service or this post, then please leave me a comment.

Also note that I stated that they OHC was founded in 2003, but it was actually 2004, oops!

Thanks for watching.

The Wellness Journey…

Black Coffee Benefits: 9 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee Daily

Black Coffee Benefits: 9 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee Daily

Do you know the black coffee benefits and advantages of black coffee? Coffee has so many proven health benefits it’s hard to list them all. That’s why this video will cover the benefits of black coffee, risks, and health facts behind it.

Did you know that over 400 billion cups of black coffee are consumed every year?

Coffee, also known around my house as liquid gold, is the second most traded commodity in the world, only behind oil.

I’m going to show you the benefits of black coffee, and the advantages of having a daily cup of joe.

I will also finish with some short FAQs about the best times to drink coffee, how much per day is ok, and how much is too much.

When people say coffee is bad for you, they often point to a few things…



& Adrenal fatigue

Insomnia is usually a result of drinking coffee too early. Since effects can last up to 10 hours after drinking, simply stop drinking coffee before noon and you should be fine

Dehydration – Yes coffee is a natural diuretic, but this problem is cured by drinking more water. Which you should be doing anyway…

And Adrenal fatigue – This is not even a real medical condition. Anyone spouting this sort of nonsense doesn’t deserve your time or attention.

Here are the proven benefits of drinking coffee backed by scientific studies

1. Coffee can help you burn fat

Black coffee has been shown to boost metabolism by up to 11% and dramatically increase fat-burning potential.  Other studies have even shown that the rate of fat being burned while drinking caffeine can improve by 10% in obese individuals and by 29% in lean individuals.  

2. Coffee helps you exercise better

Black coffee has been proven to be one of the most effective supplements ever for improving exercise output.
Drinking coffee causes a spike in adrenaline and causes an increase in exercise performance by around 11-12%.  

3. Your heart seems to like it

Drinking up to 2 cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of heart failure by 11%.

4. Coffee can make you smarter

It enhances the firing of neurons in the brain and has been shown to improve various brain functions including mood, energy levels, reaction time, memory, and general cognitive function.

5. Coffee contains an incredible amount of antioxidants

These antioxidants help fight free radicals in the body, and scientists have identified approximately 1,000 different antioxidants in the coffee bean alone.

6. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of cancer

Astonishingly, black coffee has actually shown to lower the chances of getting liver cancer by up to 40%! Also, a study with over 400,000 members showed that people who consumed coffee had a lowered risk of rectal cancer by 15%.

7. Coffee contains essential nutrients the body loves

One cup of coffee contains nutrients like riboflavin, potassium, magnesium, and others.

While the volume of the nutrients it contains will not blow you away, if you drink 3 cups like the average American adult, you will be getting in a steady source of vital nutrients for your body (study).

Just another of the many black coffee benefits!

8. Coffee can help fight depression

Most people are unaware of the fact that over 17.5 million people (just in America alone) suffer from some form of depression, and it’s growing every year.
Drinking coffee has been shown to lower the risk of developing depression by 20% for women.

It has also been shown that those who drink 4 cups a day are 53% less likely to commit suicide than those who don’t.

How much per day is ok?

A short rule of thumb is 2 cups a day is fine, 3 cups a day is good, and 4 cups a day should be the absolute max.

Oh, finally, drink your coffee black. Most of the specialty drinks at coffee shops are calorie nightmares and are basically glorified milkshakes. Drinking it coffee black takes some time to get used to, but just like an acquired taste to wine, it gets better with time.

Hope you enjoy this presentation of the advantages of coffee and the black coffee benefits that are provided.

Studies used:…

Healthy Snacks to Help You Gain Weight : Fit Food

Healthy Snacks to Help You Gain Weight : Fit Food

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A healthy way to gain weight is to choose whole foods full of fats, proteins and vitamins, foods like coconut, nuts and seeds are all the perfect choices. Find out about healthy snacks to help you gain weight with help from the founder of The Food Evolution in this free video clip.

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Banana Health Benefits In Urdu Hindi (rotten banana) | Urdu Health Tips | گلے کیلے بھی فائدہ مند

Banana Health Benefits In Urdu Hindi (rotten banana) | Urdu Health Tips | گلے کیلے بھی فائدہ مند

This video is basically describe the top health benefits of bananas in urdu hindi.
کیلے کھانے کے فوائد جاننے کے لیے پوری ویڈیو دیکھئے۔
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Colorado Safety Net Clinic Providers

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