Teeth whitening Healthy Dental Habits to Practice During Pregnancy

Being pregnant comes with many responsibilities—and the way you care for your teeth is no exception. For most women, routine dental visits are safe during pregnancy, but let your dental office know what month you are in when you make your appointment. If yours is a high-risk pregnancy or you have some other medical condition, your dentist and your physician may recommend that treatment be postponed.

Be sure to let your dentist know if there is any change in the medications you take or if you have received any special advice from your physician. The benefits of receiving dental care during pregnancy far outweigh potential risks. Be sure to keep your dentist informed of any changes in your mouth such as swelling, redness or bleeding.

7 tips for maintaining a healthy mouth during pregnancy:

– Brush thoroughly with an ADA-accepted fluoride toothpaste twice a day.

– Floss between your teeth daily.

– Purchase products that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

– Eat a balanced diet. If you snack, do so in moderation.

– Visit your dentist regularly for a professional cleaning and check-

– If you need help controlling plaque, your dentist may recommend
rinsing at night with an antimicrobial mouth rinse.

– If you have morning sickness and are vomiting frequently, try rinsing with a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water to stop stomach acid from attacking your teeth.

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The Healthy Happy Hour: How Mindfulness Practice Restores Mental Calm with Lani Muelrath


Many thanks to Gina Carr and Karen Jacobson for inviting me to their Healthy Happy Hour Show to talk about mindfulness training and how it restores mental balance and calm.

Inner calm, happiness, and presence are our natural condition – we have simply heaped over them with our busy lives and busy minds. With mindfulness practice, you learn how to restore equanimity in seconds, on purpose.
P.S. references to the giveaway of The Mindful Vegan Book were pertinent to this LIVE facebook broadast on the broadcast date.…


Exercise regularly, keep healthy! – Ask Coley – Health Tips for Kids | Mocomi

http://mocomi.com/ presents: Exercise regularly!

Exercise is very important to stay active. But it does not have to be only at gym class. It can be something fun too. Playing is not just fun but also keeps you physically active.

Benefits of Exercise –
There are a lot of benefits from regular exercise. Kids who are active will:

– have stronger muscles and bones
– be less likely to become overweight
– decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
– lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
– have a better outlook on life

Besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, kids who are physically fit sleep better. They’re also better able to handle physical and emotional challenges — from running to catch a bus to studying for a test.

The Three Elements of Fitness –
The three elements of fitness in action when kids play in the playground are:

1. Endurance: When a child is chasing or being cahsed by another child at play.
2. Strength: When a child crosses a monkey bar.
3. Flexibility: Bending down to tie their shoes.

Regular aerobic activity helps a child to build good endurance levels. Aerobic exercise causes the heart to beat faster and a person breathes harder. Regular aerobic activity strengthens the heart and improves the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to all its cells.

Following are some fun aerobic activities:

– basketball
– bicycling
– ice skating
– soccer
– swimming
– tennis
– walking
– jogging
– running

Improving strength doesn’t have to be only from only lifting weights instead, kids can do push-ups, stomach crunches, pull-ups, and other exercises to help tone and strengthen muscles. They also improve their strength when they climb, do a handstand, or wrestle.

Stretching exercises helps a child improve flexibility, allowing muscles and joints to bend and move easily through their full range of motion. Simplest activities like reaching out for a toy or practicing a split or doing a cartwheel are fun ways to stretch and build one’s flexibility.

To learn more about how regular exercise keeps you healthy, visit the best e-learning website here: http://mocomi.com/exercise-regularly/

For more fun learning health tips and good habits, visit: http://mocomi.com/learn/new-world/ask-coley/

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Post Assessment: How Teens Make Healthy Nutrition, Food + Exercise Choices: Teens Make New Choices

Gaining education into healthy eating, nutrition, and exercise, teens make healthier choices in their diet and their exercise programs. This video is part of a nutrition lesson for middle school students from Dairy Council of California called Exercise Your Options (More information and materials at http://www.healthyeating.org/EYO). In this video, we watch teens who have made a pro-active choice to make better teen nutrition, exercise, and health choices. Small steps both in exercise and nutrition can dramatically improve teen health. This video is an excellent in-class springboard for a discussion by and about teens as to how to eat healthier and exercise in a more effective manner.…

3 HEALTH TIPS for Weight Loss & Well Being | Annie Jaffrey

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Some foods I buy often:
– potatoes / sweet potatoes (the ones grown in the US are my favorite)
– pumpkin
– rice
– quinoa
– oats
– sliced bread (kept in freezer)
– pasta (regular and/or rice / corn pasta)
– cereal
– beans (black / kidney)
– chickpeas
– hummus
– corn / rice cakes
– almond / rice milk
– sauces (tomato basil / arrabbiata / curry)
– frozen berries (for smoothies, oatmeal…)
– brazil and walnuts on occasion
– dark chocolate on occasion

Fresh veg:
– bell peppers
– cucumber
– tomatoes
– mushrooms
– broccoli
– lettuce
– spinach (nice for smoothies)
– zucchini
– celery
– corn
– avocado

Fresh fruit:
– apples
– oranges
– lemon
– watermelon (when in season)
– pineapple
– bananas / dates (only on occasion as too many break my skin out)
– berries
– grapes
– cranberries


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5 Unbeatable Tips For Healthy Living

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