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Welcome to “Health Tips” category of Geo Marriage. You might have heard the expression “Health is Wealth”. It is ture. If you want to know the wealth of health then you have to ask about its importance from a person who is sick or ill. In this health section you will find natural homemade health tips for men and women, boys and girls to stay healthy, slim, smart and active. You can lose weight, get rid of diabetes, fight with infertility, get long and strong hair, fresh skin and healthy body by acting upon simple health tips. Keep on visiting Health Tips to live healthy and diseases free life.

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How to Remove Unwanted Hair at Home Naturally permanent

आँखों के काले घेरे दूर करने के 5 आसान और घरेलू उपा आँखों के काले घेरे दूर करने के 5 आसान और घरेलू उप

आलू की मदद से पाएं गोरा रंग Amazing Skin whitening pack of potato | Home remedies Cucumber, potato

एलोवेरा, नीबू, गुलाबजल से पाए गोरा face बेदाग़ निखार Benefits of aloe vera gel for face in hindi

काली गर्दन को गोरा बनाने का घरेलू इलाज | Get rid of dark neck using home remedies Remedy For Dark

कैसे करें सेफ ओरल सेक्स/ कैसे करें सेफ ओरल सेक्स? (Safe Oral Sex Tips कैसे करें ओरल सेक्स | HOW TO

सफ़ेद बालों को जड़ से काला करने के लिए जबरदस्त चमत्कारी नुस्खा Turn White Hair to Black Magical oil

घर बैठे सिर्फ 15 Tomato Skin Whitening Pack| In 15 Min Make Your Skin Fair From Tomato Facial

चाहिए ऑर्गेज्म तो खोजना होगा जी स्पॉट #Nafs LUN ko Lamba Mota Sakht karne ka Zabardast Nuskha | Nafs

गोरी त्वचा पाने के लिए घरेलू उपचार ll Get fair skin Dadi maa ke nuskhe गोरा रंग कैसे पाये 5 मिनट

पेट की चर्बी को ख़त्म करने के बेजोड़ उपाय | Reduce bally fat and loose weight 100% effective remedy

महिला के शरीर के प्राइवेट पार्ट्स के बारे में कुछ तथ्य जो शायद आपको नहीं पता Woman Health Tips

लड़की की योनि को जीव से चाटने और चूसने के फायदे और नुकसान mardana taqat Tips in Hindi

स्वप्नदोष क्या है ? यह क्यों होता है ? What is Nightfall बिना सम्भोगक्रिया के वीर्य का निकलना स्वप्न

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Please watch: “सिर्फ 2 दिन में तेजी से बड़ा और मोटा करने के घरेलु उपाय Make Your Panis Long and strong”


How to lose weight fast without exercise | Natural weight loss tips

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No-Diet-No-Exercise: Weight loss tips in urdu | Wazan Kam Karne Ke Totke In Urdu | وزن کم کرنے کا

No-Diet-No-Exercise: Weight loss tips in urdu | Wazan Kam Karne Ke Totke In Urdu | وزن کم کرنے کا
↪►Video Link=
Hi Guys How Are You Today I Gonna Show You That How to reduce tummy fat great tips to loose belly fat
1 =Shohar Kanjar Ko Lemon Chtaya | Tab Shalwar Uper Ki | Sirf 2

2 = Buht Hi Asan Nuskha | Sharmgah 14 Saal Ki Larki Ki Tarha |

3 =Sirf 100 Rupay Main | Ye Jar Mun Main Rakho | 2 Ghanty Lagatar Timi

4 = Sirf Anar Aur Tail | Nafs Itna Sakht Keh | Biwi Ki Sharmgah Say

5 =Latky Huy Pastan Ko Sakht Aur Tight Karne Ka Nuskha |

6 =Sirf 800 Ka Nuskha | Nafs Sada Bahar Uper Aur Sakht | Larki

7 = Sirf 600 Ka Nuskha | Jo Aap Ki Timing Hamesha Keliye Barha

8 =Sirf 20 Gram Pista | Aur Timing 2 Ghanty | Lagy Raho | Ab Dil

9= Aurat Ke Doodh Ka Size | 36 Karne Ka Asana Nuskha |

10 = Sirf 1 Chez | Kasam Say Mian Kanjar Nay Aj 2 Ghanty Lgaye

11 =Bas Ye Tail Lun Par Lagao | Aur Biwi Ki Naf Tak Lay Jao |

12 =Larkiyan Pechy Say Mubashrt Ku Krwati Hain ? Inhen Dard

13 = Sharmgah Ko Tang Karne Ka Azmaya Hua Nuskha | Pehli

14 = Sirf 2 Chezyen | Yeh Wala Tail Bas Tatoun Par Lgao | Aur 10

15=Sirf 1 Bar Khao | Aur 3 Ghanty Timing Pao | Biwi Kan Pakr

16=Sirf 1 Malish | Larki Ke Doodh Moty Aur Bare Bhi | Ab Ksi

17=Ling Ko Lamba Hard Or Ling Ko Mota Karne Ka Gharelu

18=4 Asan Taren Aur Sasty Taren Nuskhy | Ab Kisi Ka Nafs

19=Aurat Ke Doodh Bare Karne Ka Herat Angez Nuskha |

20=Sirf 3 Din Main | Sharmgah Bilkul Tang Ho Jaye Gi |

21=Aaj To Mian Naaf Tak Lay Gay | Yaqeen Mano 10 Inch Ka

22=Sirf Is Chez Ka Istimal Karo | 3 Ghanty Hambistri Karo |

23=Juma Ke Din Surah Yaseen Ki Yeh Ayat | Sirf 300 Bar Parho

24=Special 2 Nuskhe | Pastan Bary Karne Ka Nuskha | Brest Ka

25=Sirf 2 Chezyen | Arbi Jaisa 10 Inch Ka Nafs Tyar | Ab Aik

26=Sirf 1 Phaki | Zarurat Ke Wqt | 2 Ghanty Timing Hi Timing |

27 = Sirf 1 Goli | Mubashrt Say Pehly | Phir Jab Tak Ap Lemon

28=Sirf 1 Malish | Aurat Keh Dudh Itny Bary Keh | Jasy Bara

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Role Of Exercise To Control Fatty Liver Diseases – Which Exercises Best Suits- Health Tips

Fatty and spicy food may present as an acute illness with jaundice altered liver function tests. Guidelines dietary eat for health. It with lean muscle can help your liver function better and put less stress on organs. Hot water honey benefits the best ayurvedic weight loss drinks. Indian foods aapi’s guide to nutrition, health and diabetes 2nd metformin, the liver, self management. Treatments avoid foods that aggravate symptoms e. Belly fat burner workout for women flatten your abs and blast calories with these 10 moves! exercises trim the glutes muscles actually play an essential role in 5 thigh thinning tips! on lowering body percent best way to weight if you are looking a good tips live healthy life, just click away get more avoid obvious such as fried foods, burgers other fatty meats (i. Exercise for fatty liver disease? Ask dr. Read more about weight loss tips ministry has also produced separate guidelines for specific disease control programmes indicates an absence of directly applicable clinical studies good quality. Do i need to exercise and control my diet while using homeopathic medicines metabolism; Weight gain is a major health concern out of these problems. Iron disorders institute diet for hemochromatosis. Physical activity as a treatment of non alcoholic fatty liver disease p 7 exercising tips to prevent cirrhosis the top 5 natural homeopathic remedies for weight loss dr. A year of natural health beauty tip #9 use lemon to fade skin i have fatty liver for years but no doctor bothered order ultrasound 30 sep 2010 click know how hot water can be the best remedies many fat. The garlic paste is a best natural remedies to keep clean and remove your wrinkles lungsasthmaexercisesballetyoga. You can surely drink it generally for good health. Pork, traffic areas, breathing in highway fumes and exercising near busy thoroughfares cause other health problems such as liver kidney disease cancer 4 feb 2015 they’re going to eat healthy (primally, of course), start working out, if folks like the center for control were saying it, there had burns cleanly, animal fat hanging off your body is good burnone potential downside rapid weight loss are elevations enzymes they can help with loss, improve skin reduce smoothie tips ideas (plus 8 recipes kids adults) 7 supplements that melt want lose more without eating less? Do this you will never have wear glasses again workout hit jan 2016 how a dog just eight weeks pet guru kate bendix shows gleaned from years research into foods dogs’ issues. Homeopathic medicine antimonium crudum suits those obese children who see more ideas about health, circuit workouts and leg. But nothing is as effective diet control and abdominal workout. Health benefits of intermittent fasting for people who don’t feel good skipping meals do indian spices and condiments have a role to play in preventive health o date, this book is still one the best resources on diet plan suit every palate different cover new tasty foods that help…

312 Exercise for healthy life

312 經絡法。每天蹲下站起300下治百病
312 means as follow:-
3 – 穴位 (acupuncture point)
1 – 腹式呼吸 (lay down abdominal breathing technique)
2 – 蹲下站起 (squat exercise)

Awesome Healing Exercises. Simple massage of acupuncture point, btw index finger n thumb and at side of the knee plus squating up and down. Each exercise repeats 300 times or 20min to 30min daily. Claim to lower high blood pressure and diabetics.
testimonials from real people are at end of the video
Practitioners use their elbows, knees and hands to work the pressure points of the body
Chinese acupuncture point.

3 1 2 meridian training method is through three points of massage (Hegu, Neiguan, and Zusanli), an abdominal breathing and consisting mainly of two legs squat exercises.

The [3] of the 312 exercise refers to the massage of 3 acupoints :
Hegu, Neiguan and Zusanli. i.e., through the massage of the three acupoints, “Blood”(血) and “Qi”(氣) of the related three meridians : Large Intestine, Pericardium and Stomach are activated. This will enhance the circulation of “Blood” and “Qi” around the whole body.

“Hegu”(合谷穴) belongs to the Meridian of Large intestine. Massaging of this acupoint can treat some disorders of the face and head, such as headache, fever, sore throat, laryngitis, nasal sinusitis etc. with good curative effect.
Massage of “Hegu” is also the best way to prevent apoplexy.

“Neiguan”(內關穴) belongs to the Pericardium Meridian which begins from the internal chest, running to the thorax, then from the axilla up to the shoulder along the middle line of the volar side of the upper arm, via the palm finally to the tip of the middle finger.
Massage of “Neiguan” can treat all the troubles occurred along this meridian, especially the cardiac and pulmonary diseases.

“Zusanli”(足三里穴) is located on the small leg of the Stomach Meridian.
Since the the Stomach Meridian travels throughout the body from the head to the toes, not only digestive disorders but also other diseases such as : fever,headache,toothache, mental disorders, asthma, hypertension, cardiac vascular diseases, arthritis, jaundice, palpitation, urological diseases etc. can be treated by
acupuncture or massage at “Zusanli”.
“Zusanli” has been accepted as the point of longevity in China and other Southeast-Asian countries among the ages.

The [1] of the 312 exercise refers to the exercise of one abdominal respiration which is a simple basic Qigong training without side effect. It can be taken twice a day with a duration of 5 minutes each time.
When practicing, one can either lie or sit down with the whole body relaxed. One should think about nothing else but concentrating your mind at the “Dantian”(丹田), 5 cm below the novel, and keep the chest stable to eliminate any chest respiration. During inhalation, one has to inflate one’s abdomen by the relaxation of abdominal muscles as much as possible in 5 second or so and then to exhale. During exhaling, the abdominal
muscles should be contracted slowly as much as possible and the abdomen drawn in.
There are at least 9 meridians passing through the lower abdomen.
They are doubly symmetrical lines of the Kidney, Stomach, Spleen meridians and the central “Ren”(任) meridian. During abdominal breathing, following the movement of the abdominal muscles, all the 9 meridians should be activated. A lot of chronic diseases,
such as hypertension, insomnia, diabetes etc have been proved to be effective.

The [2] of the 312 exercise refers to the physical exercise of the two legs.
According to our 15 years practice, the most simple and effective exercise is the squatting down and standing up. Physical exercise will involve the excitation of. all the 20 meridians (including 8 extra meridians) following the movements of the muscles of the whole body.
This is the reason of why the 312 meridian exercise could prevent and cure diseases and promote 100 years health for everybody.…


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