Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Herculean’ meal plan

‘Hercules’ star Dwayne Johnson shows USA TODAY’s Bryan Alexander the 7 meals he consumed daily to prepare for the role and make it through filming.

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How to Manage Stress and Look More Beautiful

You can find different tips online on how you can manage stress without leaving an unpleasant physical appearance in the process. While most experts claim they can provide the best ways to manage stress, there’s no one-method-fits-all.

Stress management may vary from one person to the other. Every person needs to relax from time to time so they can recuperate physically, mentally, and emotionally. Although most of us find it difficult to get away from work, we deserve to spend some time off to pamper ourselves.

The most effective way to manage stress is to understand how you can avoid it. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the liberty to stay away from stress. In such case, here are some tips on how you can help you focus on relaxing your body and mind.

1. Escape – One of the best ways to relieve stress is to get away from the stressor. If it’s your boss, ask for a time out from work so you can gather yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Escape from your stressor as early as you can to avoid making things worst. There are many ways to spend the day off. Some brilliant ideas are to play with your kids, take your spouse out on a date, or simply relax at home.

2. Visit a Salon and Spa – Chill and loosen up as you treat yourself to the relaxing services of the professionals. If you’re looking for the best place to unwind in Charlotte, Armis Salon and Spa is one of the most trusted hair salons in the area. For more info, you can check their Facebook Page here. Add a regular spa visit to your health regimen and reduce mental and physical stress naturally. A weekly visit to the spa is an opportunity to relax and tone down the stressors in your life.

3. Get Fit – According to the experts, people who are fit are less likely stressed out. Physical activities help relieve stress by boosting your feel-good endorphins while distracting you from your daily stressors. Daily exercise is good for our health because it helps relieve mental and physical stress. People who exercise are more relaxed, have better self-esteem and are less prone to mild depression and anxiety. Regular exercise helps improve the mood of an individual. Manage stress with regular physical activities that are suitable for your age.

Stress management can help improve the quality of your life. Find the best ways to manage your stress and make your life healthier, productive, and wonderful.

Shilpa Shetty: What I eat in a day | Lifestyle | Pinkvilla | Bollywood | S01E03

We all know that actress Shilpa Shetty is a self confessed fitness freak. So, who better than her to catch up with on yoga day and get her reveal her diet and workout secrets.

From breakfast to lunch and dinner, Shilpa Shetty gave us a low down of what she eats in a day and how she worksout and stays healthy.

Watch this video as she chats up about fitness, diet and all things healthy.

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Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss – Fitness – Exercise – Gym – Easy Recipes -Health Tips

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Which Foods To Eat In 7th Month Pregnancy Diet

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Iron And Protein-Rich Foods: During your third trimester, extra iron is important to avoid anaemia, hemorrhage during delivery. Calcium Rich Foods: Magnesium Rich Foods: Foods With DHA: Folic Acid: Fibre-Rich Foods: Foods Rich In Vitamin C: High-Fat And Spicy Foods:Foods to Include in 7th Month of Pregnancy Diet. Foods Rich in Iron and Protein. Foods Rich in Calcium and Magnesium. Foods Rich in DHA and Folic Acid. Foods Rich in Vitamin C and Fiber. Avoid High-Fat and Spicy Foods. Limit Your Intake of Sodium-Packed Foods. Say No to Caffeine, Alcohol, and Tobacco. Junk Foods.Pregnancy month 7: Article on important diet tips and food to eat during 7th month of pregnancy, from Nestlé Family. Eat right to feel good during this month.Diet Food in the Seventh Month of Pregnancy Continue to eat iron which is plentiful in red meat. Photo Credit Kesu01/iStock/Getty Images.Welcome to your final trimester of your pregnancy, which begins at 28 weeks. Now you start your way through the last stretch of your pregnancy. Your body and.The seventh month of pregnancy is a crucial time to take care of the child in your womb. Make sure you follow the 7th month pregnancy diet given here.Are you in the third trimester and worried about 7th month of pregnancy diet? Here’s an article which makes you aware on what food need to be taken and what …Pregnancy Third Trimester – Six month of your pregnancy, understand your baby … birth should avoid sexual intercourse during the last 2-3 pregnancy months.You may be feeling that you should be eating only healthy food and must curb on your cravings, but the researches show that the seventh ……

Top DIET Tips You Should Never Follow! – Amazing Diet Facts by Glamrs

There are a lot of myths & misinformation about diets and weight loss. We bust some common diet myths for you and amazing diet facts that you should know!

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6 EASY weightloss tips that will make a BIG difference

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Healthy Breakfast 3 Things Ideas from Fitness in Urdu |How to make Fit Body in Urdu|

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