Jianzi Practice, Good Healthy Workout Part 3 @ Bt Batok Singapore

Chapteh or capteh, is a traditional game in Southeast Asia that requires a shuttlecock. It is a favourite pastime among children and the playing of this game requires athletic skills and agility.

The game is played using a feathercock made up of feathers attached to a rubber disc (base). The idea of this game is to keep the capteh airborne for as long as possible by kicking it. Another method of playing is to kick the shuttlecock back and forth between two people, similar to sepak takraw. Only a very small area is needed to kick a shuttlecock, so it can be practiced in space-confined places. The game is physically intensive.

This game was commonly played in Singapore and Malaysia during the kampong days where boys gathered in groups to have a kick-a-about. However, recently interest for this game has declined as boys traded this simple game for more sophisicated video and computer games.

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