Find out what it is like to visit a sexual health service

Students at South Devon College have teamed up with sexual health professionals to produce a short video about accessing sexual health services in Torbay.

The video is designed to give you an idea of what is involved in visiting a local sexual health clinic and what is likely to happen when you get there.

Looking after your sexual health has never been easier. For information on local sexual health and contraception services in Torbay visit…

8 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

The aloe vera plant has been used as a cure for many years.
The juice of the aloe vera plant is a thick, gooey juice made from the aloe vera leaf. Lots of people use this juice to treat sunburns, but it can be used for many other things too. It can be mixed into smoothies and shakes, which makes it a very easy cure to use.

What can drinking aloe vera juice cure?

A body with a very high acid level will be full of disease, because illness will grow quickly there. To help keep your body healthy, eat and drink alkaline foods and drinks like aloe vera juice.

The aloe plant is full of water, so it helps stop you from getting dehydrated. Keeping your body hydrated will help force bad bacteria out of your body. Drinking aloe vera juice will also fill your body with nutrients that help your organs work properly. This is important because the liver and kidneys are the organs that that get the bad bacteria out of your blood, and create urine. For this reason, you have to keep them healthy.
After you do heavy exercise you need to rehydrate by taking in more water. This is to get rid of the lactic acid that builds up during exercise. Instead of coconut water, try drinking aloe vera juice after your next workout.

Liver function
Aloe vera juice is full of water and phytonutrients. This is great for the liver because it needs water and nutrients to work well. The liver is in charge of cleaning the bad bacteria out of the body, so it’s important for it to stay healthy.

For constipation
Aloe vera juice will fill your intestines with water. Research shows that lots of water in the intestines helps peristalsis, which will help you pass stool normally.
If you’re having problems with constipation, try drinking aloe vera juice every day. This will help keep the healthy bacteria in your intestines at a normal level.

For clear skin
Aloe vera juice can help stop acne from coming about. It can also stop skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis.
Aloe vera is also full of antioxidants and vitamins that can help your skin. It can guard from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, fix the skin from UV damage, and help stop fine lines and wrinkles.

Nutritious boost
Because aloe vera juice is full of vitamins and minerals like vitamins B, C, E, and folic acid, drinking it is a great way to make sure your body isn’t missing all these nutrients.
Aloe vera is also one of the only plants that have vitamin B-12. This is great for vegetarians and vegans.
Making sure to eat and drink things with lots of nutrients is a main way to guard against disease.

Heartburn relief
Drinking aloe vera juice can help ease heartburn. This is because the juice helps control the acid flow in your stomach. This will fight gastric ulcers and keep them from getting bigger.

Digestive benefits
Aloe vera has enzymes that help the digestive system run smoothly by breaking down sugars and fats. If your digestive system isn’t working properly, you won’t be able to get all the nutrients from the food you’re eating. For this reason, it’s important to keep your digestive system healthy.
Aloe vera may also help cut down soreness in the stomach and intestines. It can also help people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other swelling disorders of the intestines. A study done with 33 IBS patients showed that aloe vera juice can help soothe the pain of IBS. The study was not placebo- controlled, so more research is needed. Aloe vera also helped people with ulcerative colitis.

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How To Gain Weight Fast – Ayurveda Herbs Natural Remedies To Gain Weight Fast By Sachin Goyal

Looking for How to gain weight fast? This video is based on how to gain weight fast by natural herbs at home. Weight gain is essential for those who has very low body mass index.
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Ayurvdea herbs natural home remedies help to gain weight fast by eating right kind of food.
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जानिए कैसे इलाइची बढ़ा सकती है आपकी यौन क्षमता + 6 Health Benefits of Elaichi (Cardamom) │ Life Care

जानिए कैसे इलाइची बढ़ा सकती है आपकी यौन क्षमता + 6 Health Benefits of Elaichi (Cardamom) │ Life Care
Magical Health Benefits of Elaichi (Cardamom).
1. Controls Heart Beat.
2. Improve Sex Life.
3. Prevents Respiratory Disease.
4. Mouth Freshener.
5. Helps in Digestion.
6. Prevents Anemia.
7. Use During Hiccups.
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वज़न बढ़ाने के 15 उपाय, Quick 5 Kg WEIGHT GAIN in 1 Month, 15 Ways For Weight Gain, Dr Shalini

वज़न बढ़ाने के 15 उपाय, Quick 5 Kg WEIGHT GAIN in 1 Month, 15 Ways For Weight Gain, Dr Shalini

Benefits of Kismis :-
Benefits of Dates :-
Paneer Tikka Masala :-

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Reliance Health – Super GP Clinic West Gosford Central Coast

Serving the NSW Central Coast with more than 90% of our GPs bulk billing, we focus on you by providing a friendly, efficient and professional service from 7am to 10pm every day.

The range of experienced allied doctors and health practitioners available in one location enables you to meet your health needs easily and in familiar, local surroundings.

Services we offer are:

General medical care
Team approach with Allied Health
Health assessments – all ages
Immunisation – all ages
Travel vaccines and advice
Injury prevention and management
Preventative screening
Pap smear clinic
Over 75 Health Assessments
Full skin cancer service
Antenatal shared care
Medical assessments – insurance and corporate
Spirometry (lung function tests)
Minor operations and procedures
Mirena IUD insertion & removal

Allied Health Services we offer are:

Christopher Discount Chemist
Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology
Central Coast Spinal Care Centre
Platinum Physiotherapy
Coastal Specialist Suites
Riverside Medical Imaging
Riverside Podiatry
EatSense Nutrition
Exercise Physiology

We value your wellbeing.

We believe looking after our community is a real privilege and a big responsibility.

There’s more to visiting the doctor or healthcare provider than just the consultation.
From the moment you connect with us we want you to feel comfortable, cared for and informed.

We’re convenient.

Life is busy, so at Reliance Health, We fit around your life: We’re open 365 days a year from 7.00am-10.00 pm and 90% of the clinic is bulk billing

We’re complete

We have all the services you need under one roof: general practice, physiotherapy, chiropractic, dieticians, exercise physiology, podiatry, x-ray, pathology, chemist and more..
visual: various practitioners looking at the camera and stating their modality, ideally with a prop or in their work clothing.

We’re personalised

Everything we do is focused on providing you with a patient experience like no other. At Reliance,We treat our patients as people

We’re diverse

We know choosing a doctor is personal, so we have a diverse group of over 20 doctors and health providers to make sure we have a doctor that suits you.

We’re Reliance GP Super Clinic

We’re always looking for ways to transform your health care experience because we want to make it easy to to be well.

So if you value great health care for you and your family, we’d love to meet you.…