These 8 “Healthy” Foods are Making You Fat!

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Eating healthy is a requirement if you want to get ripped and lose body fat fast. The problem is, often times foods masquerade themselves as healthy when they are anything but. In this video, I show you how to spot the 8 biggest healthy foods making you fat. We call these trap foods because they sneak up on you when you least expect it.

I don’t care how much you are training or working out, if you refuse to get your nutrition in check you will never look as lean as you should or could. Proper nutrition and good food choices are required to get ripped. What I hate however is when you are misled into thinking that certain foods should be in your diet because they are “healthy”. You blindly trust the guidance and then wind up frustrated when you aren’t seeing the results for your efforts. In order to fix this once and for all, you simply have to educate yourself about these traps so you can avoid them in favor of better choices.

First up is guacamole. Recently, I did a video on how the healthy fats in avocado are great for your body. The problem is, people confuse healthy foods for lean foods. Packing a huge calorie wallop with every tablespoon, we tend to overlook the impact eating this food can quickly have on our waistline by eating almost 10-12 tablespoons per serving on average. Sure, healthy fats are healthy, but like anything else…eaten in excess you will quickly run into trouble with them.

Low fat or lite versions of foods are often way worse than the full fat, regular versions. Beyond the fact that they usually just do a sugar for fat swap, you’re also getting a bunch of chemicals thrown in to these highly processed foods that you probably want to avoid all together.

Now I know a lot of people like to have their morning glass of OJ or other fruit juice, but if you are looking to get ripped then you are far better off opting for water and getting your fruit in solid form. The amount of sugars packed into these “healthy” drinks is astounding. In fact, you are likely to find that a comparison between them and a glass of soda yield almost the same amount. Add in the fact that liquid calories are far too easy to consume (and don’t provide the fiber benefits of the solid forms) and you’ve got another reason to avoid these.

Sushi is supposed to be a healthy food option that packs a protein punch in the process. Not so fast. In fact, with just a sliver of fish in every piece, you’re getting just 15% protein and instead packing in the starchy carbs with enough sticky rice to hold a small fort together! Add in the sodium IV drip you’re getting from your “low sodium” soy sauce and you’ve just made another perfect trap food. Opt for the sashimi instead and you’ll get what you thought you were getting when you iniitally decided on having sushi.

There’s something about the word granola that just sounds so healthy. Maybe it’s that it sounds like the word grain? Whatever the case, you can’t ignore the fact that this is made up of calorically dense ingredients that just won’t play well in an attempt to lose fat. If you don’t make it yourself then you’re going to be guaranteeing yourself a ton of sugar and syrup as well, as both are needed to hold all of this “goodness” together.

There are more trap foods not covered here in the description but you will find in this video. You want to be sure if you are not avoiding them all together that you are at least educated about their pitfalls so you can limit them in your diet when you are trying to get and stay lean. If you are looking for a complete meal plan to help you get ripped and stay ripped step by step, be sure to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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5 Tips for Getting HEALTHY for Back to School | Diet & Exercise

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Diet and Exercise – Top 5 Tips #youbfitshort

Diet and exercise- Tops 5

Choices Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Eating a healthy diet and exercising often can help control or delay health issues associated with aging like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Short-term goals to achieve and maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Make these five tips a priority every day:

1-Try to be physically active for at least 30 minutes on most or all days of the week

2-eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

3-Choose foods that are low in added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium

4-Pick whole grains and lean sources of protein and dairy products

5-Practice all four types of exercise – endurance, exercise, balance, and flexibility.

Pick one of the Top 5 and Start Today

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