Practice Gratitude Success Show 2-22-16 Len Mooney and I Healthy Aging
My name is Bob Miller. I am the creator and host of The Practice Gratitude Success Show.
My passion is discovering and sharing simple strategies and solutions that help us on our journey and make our lives better. Make sure that you subscribe to my newsletter so that you find out about the upcoming Gratitude webinar, plus you will get all the updates.
Every day, I create a morning video usually at Sunrise where I name at least one person who I am grateful for each day. Most of my Sunrise Gratitude videos are created on Fiesta Island in San Diego, Ca.
5 Days a week I have a Practice Gratitude Success webinar at 8:30 AM PT, 9:30MT, 10:30 CT, 11:30 ET., 4:30 PM GMT I interview top guests like Jackson and Christi Kelly of Friday Night Live Mastermind, Noah St. John the creator of afformations, Mycle Brandy who walks across America raising awareness for stroke survivors.
I believe that Practicing Gratitude is one of the keys to Happiness, Abundance and Success.
I help people to believe that they can improve in every area of their life, they can experience success and that they deserve to feel better about themselves
You deserve to a happy, healthy, harmonious, abundantly blessed life.
Most of my videos are made on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, San Diego, California. Home of Andy the “Guru of Fiesta Island.”
I believe that laughter is the best medicine.
Ask me how you can become a Practice Gratitude Success Abundance Warrior
Ask me how to become a Gratitude Abundance Warrior Leader

Today, I am also especially Grateful for The Practice Gratitude Success Show, all of our Practice Gratitude success Abundance Warriors Gratitude Warriors, Wellness Warriors, Love Warriors, Prayer Warriors who are committed to living an extraordinary life.
Join my team and I will use all of my power and influence to help you become a six figure leader working with Me and Dr. Doug Firebaugh

Today I am especially Grateful for God, my family, friends, Debbie Durand-Whalen, Jessica Mould, Len Mooney, Andy The guru of Fiesta Island, Edie Weinstein, Paul Santisi, Robert Hollis, Priscilla McMillan, Jackson Kelly and all of our Gratitude and Prayer Warriors and Leaders

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