Start 2018 off Powerfully with Healthy Practices and Support

Happy 2018 Friends!

I know 2017 was a tough year for so many of you and so I feel very honored and inspired to invite you to start the year with some really healthy and supportive habits.

My dear friend and amazing Yoga and Meditation Facilitator Mia Haber are hosting a FREE 40-day practice that you can do at your own pace and in your own home. However, you will also be supported and in a community!

This really is the best of both worlds especially for BUSY women like so many of you that want to up-level your life. It’s a practice that will help you bring in the awareness of what you need and how to ALLOW it in.

Our 40-day practice is “Realize your Power” and the collective timing to step into this could not be more needed.

Whether that is more space/time for yourself, support, peace of mind, beauty, adventure, healing, fulfillment, success etc by realizing your power from inside-out.

Watch the video and if you feel called please do Join us. Would be so honored to Hold space for you.

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